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Giro Giro Hitoshina


chefReservation Request
Price: ¥ 6,190 - / Kaiseki

Eiichi Edakuni

Restaurant information

■Children admission: Allowed. Must order same menu as adults.
■Other: Only cash. / counter seats at 1st floor, tables at 2nd floor / course Menu: omakase only / smoking is allowed / gluten free guests not allowed if can not consume soy source.


Dinner: 18:00~20:30 (L.O.)

(+81)75-343- 7070

420-7 Nanbacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Cancellation Policy

*The reservation service fee(JPNEAZY commission) is non-refundable for any reasons after the reservation is completed.

*The reservation service fee is included 10% to 15% of the total amount paid.

*The date, time, and number of guests for a reservation can be changed only once.

*The date of cancellation fee will be charged based on each restaurant's business day and JPNEAZY's business day.

[ Standard ]
In case of Arrival 15mins late, it is cancelled.
On the day: 100%
1day before: 50%
2days before: No charge


Review summary



Merci beaucoup Chef, un régal comme d'habitude. Très content des posters et des souvenirs avec vous, à l'année prochaine !

(visited: 2023-12-15)


Not a great experience, bad service, not friendly

(visited: 2023-11-30)


We went to Giro Giro on a personal recommendation of a friend I really trust. I would say we left with a very different feeling and overall not that impressed. Upon arriving to the restaurant moments before our 6pm reservation, we saw a crowd of people waiting outside in the cold because they were not ready to open. Once they opened there was clearly no organization or order to entering and seating. We were sat at the end of the counter. after a few minutes of getting settled we were told our seats were actually upstairs - a COMPLETELY different vibe. That really put us off. From there, the service and waitstaff was chaotic. We were told what we were eating about half of the time, and usually had to ask for it. Leaving was the same mess as entering. They could not handle everyone's payment and reseating the restaurant at the same time. We also were not aware it was cash only until we were leaving. luckily we had enough.

(visited: 2023-11-28)

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The chef was stressed not friendly at first it cannot be not to find the reservation for such a long time

(visited: 2023-11-19)


Wonderful dining experience in a very full Giro Giro Hitoshina! Great atmosphere, exceptional courses and lovely mix of textures, hot and cooler elements. Will recommend you to my friends!

(visited: 2023-11-17)


The best kaseiki style food we have ever eaten

(visited: 2023-11-01)


Thank you very much, the experience and the food were amazing

(visited: 2023-10-20)


Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and the adaptions you made to accommodate my wife's dietary requirements. We would naturally recommend the experience at your chef's table to others.

(visited: 2023-09-19)


Thank you for the most incredible and delicious meal we enjoyed during our two week visit to Japan!

(visited: 2023-09-17)


We had a wonderful meal and it was so mich fun to sit at the counter and watch the dishes executed. A very enjoyable and relaxed way to experience kaiseki-like food.

(visited: 2023-09-17)


The food was amazing and all the people we met there (chefs, servers, and guests) were incredibly friendly. It was the best meal of our whole vacation! Thank you!

(visited: 2023-08-30)


Thank you for such a lovely diner, I had an excellent time. We hope to eat here again

(visited: 2023-06-29)


It was a nice and unique experience. We both enjoyed the food and informal setting.

(visited: 2023-05-13)


Great experience. The restaurant could be hard to find.

(visited: 2023-05-07)


Excellent food, it was delicious. Thank you.

(visited: 2023-05-06)


Restaurant is amazing; the layout let's you see the chefs hard at work and all of the staff were so warm and friendly! Food was fantastic and a very reasonable price considering the type and amount of cuisine provided. Would recommend to anyone I know visiting Kyoto!

(visited: 2023-04-30)


Waitresses are too stressful.. taking off the dishes while eating or almost getting over you to do that. Where is the japanese well manner?

(visited: 2023-04-16)


The key chef was feeling unwell yet he did not put on his mask while preparing food. Very unhygienic.

(visited: 2023-04-02)


Next time at the counter. we enjoyed your food very much. Sayonara,

(visited: 2023-03-29)


The service could be improved a little (a bit more interaction maybe). However, we had a great time!

(visited: 2023-03-28)


Thank you for an excellent dinner & great hospitality!

(visited: 2023-03-14)


It’s my second visit to Giro Giro, food wise and price wise is exceptionally reasonable, however I found the restaurant is a bit run down, and the walls on the ground floor are a bit filthy, not up to standard of a typical Japanese restaurant. I have always wanted to be seated on the ground floor to enjoy the atmosphere and the chef’s cooking in action, but in vain.

(visited: 2022-11-16)


You’ve interesting flavors and textures. Really enjoyed our dinner.

(visited: 2022-10-18)


Thank you for a beautiful meal

(visited: 2020-01-25)

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