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JPNEAZY will support you to have the best Japan trip
-Our “Cloud Concierge” will share the best recommended restaurants nearby with you using your native languages. (at the moment, “English” only)
-Cloud concierge will make a reservation of wherever you would like to go without speaking Japanese.
Many great local restaurants recommended by locals can be discovered.

* Please note that some restaurants may not take reservations.

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Reservation Service

All Restaurants in Japan available

Respond time: within
By simply providing the name of their chosen restaurant, desired time and contact details, guests can leave all the handling of their restaurant reservation to the Cloud Concierge.
* Please note that some restaurants may not take reservations.
* Some restaurants may charge a fee for late cancellations.
* See our Cancellation Policy below for further information.

Chat Service

Live chat hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm(JST)

"I can't decide on a restaurant!",
"I want to eat this cuisine but I am not sure where to find it!",
and similar situations may be discussed with the Cloud Concierge. With a firm knowledge of the most popular restaurants and cuisines, the Cloud Concierge will be able to make the most suitable recommendations.

Keep you fully updated the progress of your reservation,by email or chat.

Once your Chat Concierge has made contact with the restaurant you requested,
we will send you an email confirming your reservation,
or requesting additional information if required.

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