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Kagurazaka Yukimoto

神楽坂 幸本

Price: ¥ 19,723 - / Kaiseki

[ 5 mins walk from Iidabashi Station ] "Elegant moments and wonderful Omotenashi(hospitality)" Kagurazaka Yukimoto has a history of 70 years since its foundation. Once you enter the alley one step further from Kagurazakadouri, a stone pavement which illuminated by light spreads out, and you can encounter good old-fashioned moments with a long history. You can enjoy not only Kaiseki ryori which the chef Mr.Hasegawa puts all his skills he has on it but also the Geisha entertainment. The dishes that cherish the running, seasonal, and remnants of ingredients are all superb dishes with seasonal ingredients such as "Wanmono(bowl dish)" with a full flavor of Japanese soup stock. Feeling the seasons with the sound of the wind and thinking about the timber of the Shamisen sounding far away.. Please feel the blissful moment splendidly with the tastes of the dishes serving the best timing at extraordinary space.

Hiroyuki Hasegawa

Restaurant information

■Children admission: Over 10 years old. Must order same menu as adults.
■Vegetarian/vegan admission: Allowed.

Sunday / Holiday

Dinner: 17:00~20:00 (L.O.)


4-7, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Cancellation Policy

*The reservation service fee(JPNEAZY commission) is non-refundable for any reasons after the reservation is completed.

*The reservation service fee is included 10% to 15% of the total amount paid.

*The date, time, and number of guests for a reservation can be changed only once.

*The date of cancellation fee will be charged based on each restaurant's business day and JPNEAZY's business day.

[ Strict ]
In case of Arrival 30mins late, it is cancelled.
On the day to 1day before: 100%
2days before: 50%
3days before: No charge

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    I used it at a memorial service dinner. When I was looking for a place where I could have a dinner from 3:00 when I finished at a halfway time, I learned about "Kagurazaka Yukimoto" and asked for a dinner outside of business hours, and he kindly accepted. We had a dinner party with 8 people, but the...

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