×On July 14th(Sun.) and 15th(Mon.) JPNEAZY concierge(not restaurants) are closed due to the National holiday.
(If you have already made your reservation on July 14th or 15th, of course your reservation is guaranteed. )
Thank you for your understanding.

Ginza Kyubey


chefReservation Request
Price: ¥ 2,500 - / Sushi

Yosuke Imada

Restaurant information

■Children admission: Over 5 years old for counter seat.
■Other: Restaurant cannot use different kitchen knife or cutting board for people with allergies. / Private room fee is required. / Automatic cancellation if more than 30 minutes late. Cancellation on the day of reservation is 10,000 yen/per.

Sunday / Monday / Holiday

Lunch: 11:30
Dinner: 17:00~20:45 (L.O.)


8-7-6 Ginza,Chuou-ku, Tokyo

Cancellation Policy

*The reservation service fee(JPNEAZY commission) is non-refundable for any reasons after the reservation is completed.

*The reservation service fee is included 10% to 15% of the total amount paid.

*The date, time, and number of guests for a reservation can be changed only once.

*The date of cancellation fee will be charged based on each restaurant's business day and JPNEAZY's business day.

[ Standard ]
Cancellation fee: 10,000yen per person.
In case of Arrival 30mins late, it is cancelled and cancellation fee needed.
On the day: 100%
1day before: 50%
2days before: No charge


Review summary



An incredible meal and very kind, respectful, and personable sushi master. Me and my three other party members had an amazing time.

(visited: 2023-12-01)


The food is overall okay. The quality is good but the menu is basic for what I am paying for Quality services.

(visited: 2023-11-25)


The ambience and hospitality was great. The chefs were delightful.

(visited: 2023-11-18)

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Seemed like they made fun of us with the japanese couple next us. Our japanese is not good but we understood enough that it was about us and they were laughing. Pretty rude.

(visited: 2023-05-19)


Friendly staff. Thoughtful chef!

(visited: 2023-05-12)


Superb restaurant

(visited: 2023-04-12)


Thank you very much for a wonderful dinner. Yoko was our chef. He was very nice and did an excellent job.

(visited: 2023-04-05)


Best sushi in Tokyo, perfect in all the ways

(visited: 2023-03-07)


Amazing experience and food. Thank you for accommodating us running a bit late as we got lost.

(visited: 2023-03-02)


Chef is friend to customers

(visited: 2023-02-17)


My father and I had an unforgettable experience at Kyubey. Hopefully, one day I will return with more loved ones to show them this.

(visited: 2022-10-04)


It was a fantastic experience and we will definitely go again next time we come to Japan.

(visited: 2020-03-27)


Very good food and the people were very nice.

(visited: 2020-03-27)


very good and very welcoming chef. He tried to accommodate me despite his limited english skills

(visited: 2020-02-07)


Good food

(visited: 2020-01-25)


Service from the chef was great and it was a treat to meet Mr Imada

(visited: 2020-01-22)


"Bob" was a great sushi chef. Entertaining and funny. Thank you for seating us quickly, even though we arrived 30 minutes early. And thank you that the owner greeted us when we reached our seats. I was very impressed

(visited: 2020-01-10)


Watanabeson was amazing - thank you!

(visited: 2020-01-10)


Wonderful. Thank you Imada-San for a wonderful experience :)

(visited: 2020-01-07)


Truly an amazing experience!

(visited: 2019-12-27)


The itamae serving us spoke good English and was very engaging. It’s such a pity that we did not get his name. One other suggestion would be to list down the names of the sushi (better with pictures) that we are eating. Yes, the itamae did tell us but that there’s so many things to take in - preparation of the ingredients, their presentation, their tasting and of course, we need time to video record and photograph. It was precious moments to us as customers at Ginza Kyubey.

(visited: 2019-12-20)

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