Yakiniku DINING GROW Nihonbashi

Notes on reservation

A5 rank the best brand of our store "God series" to enjoy the shop
Course >
[WA] carefully compared to eat a variety of parts of the A5 black cattle Wagyu! 8 Japanese Wagyu beef
5, 000 yen (Takumi) boasts "Wagyu beef" and "God's tan" including the A5 black beef eaten! 12 items 6,500 Yen
【 feast 】 The highest peak selected from the A5 rank "supreme God series" 14 products 8, 000 yen
[pole] luxury that carefully incorporated a rare site from the highest grade God series Luxury! 13 Items 10,000 Yen
Space >
2 to 10 people (2 rooms and semi-private rooms are available in full private room)
. > The
is fully equipped with a high-quality A5-ranked cow, which is fully equipped with
wine cellar. There are always more than 100 kinds of

scenes >
Entertainment and important People's anniversaries, welcome parties, farewell parties, dates

, birthdays and anniversaries >
Birthday Plate service
If you are not good at sweets, you can prepare meat plates.
Yakiniku (BBQ),Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
Subway Nihonbashi Station Exit B1 2-minute walk
Average price
Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 7,000 JPY

Restaurant Information

Nihonbashi Holivil B1, 3-8-9 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027
Open Hours
Dinner: 17:00 ~ 23:00 (l.o.22:00)
-Sun Lunch: 11:30am ~ 14:00 (Lunch is open on Saturdays as well.) )
Regular Holiday
All year round
* (excluding New Year holidays)
Credit Card
VISA,MasterCard,American Express,JCB