Sushikaisen Sushikatsu Tachikawa-ten

Notes on reservation

■ Tachikawa Station The South exit 3-minute walk
The teaching of "Sushi is the heart and the one that holds it with sincerity" goes out every morning to the
market, and buys the freshest seafood that day.
■ Sushi Banquet course for banquet courses

■ Gurunavi Limited coupon ※ Combination impossible
/≪ day OK ≫ drink 【 1 cup 】 Free
and the secretary of the banquet course 10 people more than the Secretary of the cooking course price is free
-Birthday Benefits ≫ full bottle of white wine
■ Large and small private room
6 persons private room/12 people private room/
for the popular seats betrothal such as dining and entertainment/
in the family, please contact us early

■ Every Monday, ladies ' Day
The first 15 guests to serve home-made desserts & Chawanmushi on a limited lunch menu
Sushi,Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish)
Jr Tachikawa Station South 3-minute walk
Average price
Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 6,000 JPY

Restaurant Information

Hi Kaikan 1f, 1-2-4 nishiki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0022
Open Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 11:30 ~ 14:00
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday night part: 17:00 ~ 22:00
Day: 11:30 ~ 14:00
Saturday night: 16:00-22:00
Days and holidays: 11:30 ~ 14:0 0
Days and holidays: 16:00 ~ 21:00
Regular Holiday
Every Wednesday
Credit Card
VISA,MasterCard,UC,DC,Diners Club,American Express,JCB,Orico,ジャックス,APLUS,LIFE,Rakuten,SAISON,銀聯,MUFG