Kandamyoujinshita Miyabi

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As the boarded of the Edo Castle, the outer Kanda 2-chome district was called "Kanda Shrine under the town". It is familiar as a place where
Zenigata was holding a residence, and the town where a chic taste of Edo remains.
is a black lair standing in the alley of the man Sakashita, the newly-dressed Kanda shrine lower Miyabi Honten...

Tempura and sushi representing Edo cuisine.
In addition to the edomae tempura so far, in the Edo period, we have prepared a number of Japanese hospitality dishes, centering on the Edomae sushi, which is cut with red vinegar. In addition to the
Tempura counter and sushi counter, we are looking forward to seeing you in two rooms (up to 28 people) with six seats and six table seats on the second floor of the digging Kotatsu.
Tempura (Deep Fried Shrimp and Vegetables),Sushi
Jr Akihabara Station 10-minute walk
Average price
Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 8,000 JPY

Restaurant Information

2-8-9 Kanda, Chiyoda Sotokanda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
Open Hours
Mon-Sat Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:30 (l.o.14:00)
-Sat Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 (l.o.21:00)
Regular Holiday
Every Sunday holidays
* Please contact us for New Year holidays and bon holidays. a href = "http://r.gnavi.co.jp/ga5c300/" target = "_brank" > reservations
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