Hokkaido tokusanryouri Kotan

Notes on reservation

The Hokkaido specialities in Koganei, "Kotan", offers a multi-course kaiseki dish that collects the essence of Hokkaido local cuisine and Japanese food, making use of the material nurtured by Hokkaido's nature, and creative dishes that arrange the Ainu cuisine in a modern style. The rooms are available for up to 60 people and can be used for Buddhist, banquets and entertainment. In the green of Musashino, please enjoy the dish of sticking to the calm room of the real architecture. Suitable for celebrate events such as betrothal and meeting.
Banquet Dinners,Local / Regional Cuisine
Average price
Lunch 2,000 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY

Restaurant Information

5-3-4 Higashi-machi, Koganei, Tokyo 184-0011, Japan
Open Hours
12:00 ~ 22:00 (Reservations must be made 2 days in advance)
The closing time may be accelerated due to the purchase of ingredients. )
Regular Holiday
Every Monday and Tuesday
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