Sushisuzuki Akasaka-ten

Notes on reservation

Akasaka Station/Akasaka-Mitsuke Station 3-minute use of the finest of the day from among the ingredients of the real sushi and delicious sake =

■ Season to be enjoyed in the refined fine sum modern space!!
Freshness outstanding fish, the sushi chef and chef to finish up to the gem in the technique

■ To be able to choose your seat! Guests from overseas, am supportive space proud counter seat...
13-seat private room (2 rooms)... 4 to 10 persons × 1, 2-4 persons × 1
table seat... For 2 to 5 people

■ Boasts a welcome party, farewell party, entertainment, date and other applications
, 8,000 yen...
12,000 yen for banquets, meeting meetings and family dinners...
, 15,000 yen for a meal with an important person, such as an anniversary... The

* is an example to the utmost of the perfect luxury for a seat of hospitality etc. Please talk about your favorite and budget, etc. ♪
Sushi,Kaiseki (Traditional Multi-Course Meal)
Subway Chiyoda Line Akasaka Station Exit No. 2
Average price
Dinner 12,000 JPY

Restaurant Information

1f, Akasaka, 3-11-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Open Hours
Mon-Fri 17:00 ~ 1:00 (l.o.24:30)
Sat 17:00 ~ 22:00
Regular Holiday
Every Sunday, the second Saturday holidays
* * January, May, August and December are closed on Sundays and public holidays only.
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